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My Statement
Image by Rob Wingate

Many thanks to the hundreds and maybe the thousands of people who have helped my business to be a success. I have met many great people some who have become my friends. I find it a privilege to get to know my customers and for them to allow me into their homes.

I treat their homes as if it were my own and I act in a professional manner when I am working at their house. I also respect their privacy. I will never give out their names, addresses or phone numbers.

It is my goal to provide the utmost professional services as possible. I go the extra mile to make sure every customer of mine is satisfied with my work.

I take off my shoes whenever i enter a house. I always put a towel under my bucket. I do not use any cleaning agents that will leave stains. I take my time in moving items away from windows and put them when I am finished. I always make sure safety comes first, both concerning myself and my customers.

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