I started working at a cleaning service in 1979. I began cleaning houses. I learned how to see dirt. I also learned to respect the customers' houses and their properties. I started to work with the cleaning service's window cleaners and I soon became their primary window cleaner. In 1983, I decided to start my own business and I brought my customers with me.

As the years go by, I continue to try to educate myself by reading up on all the new trends. I upgrade my equipment to better serve my customers. I think I have worked on every type of window and have seen every type of situation. Sometimes I am surprised when I see something I have never seen before.

I use a combination of towels, chamios, and squeegees to clean the windows. I also use razor blades to scrape paint and I use scrub pads, and sometimes an acid wash to remove scum and water spots. I clean up after myself both inside the house and outside on the property.

I work by myself. It will only be me who my customers have to deal with. Sometimes I will brimg my sons, who are fully trained, to help me during my busy times. I strive to bring to my customers the best work possible.

Thanks, Carl

My History